Kansai Queer Film Festival: Open the Gate

The Kansai Film Festival will be held again this year in Osaka and Kyoto, showcasing queer films and shorts from Japan and around the world.

Taihen x Hentai

We’ve gathered together on the basis of the belief that the relationships between sex, gender, and love are diverse and manifold. And yet, we realize that each of us holds prejudices toward accepting ways of living that are different from those we are familiar with. Even among “us,” queer-identified communities, discrimination based on ethnicity, disability, or social position exists, aside from discrimination based on sex. Indifference, discrimination, and oppression toward this minority within a minority are, unfortunately, all too common.

Realizing our vision for a society that values and embraces queerness is not easy – in fact, it’s taihen. Taihen is not only about the difficulties that sexual minorities have to face in their daily lives, but also about the hardships we must overcome in achieving a true diverse community.

By hentai, we refer to the diverse ways of expressing our gender identities and sexualities that are not captured by terms such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual. These identities are open to transformation and change – to hentai – even over the course of one individual’s lifetime. When we refer to hentai, we don’t mean “normal perverts,” but people who are “totally perverted!”

Taihen x Hentai has been our slogan since the third Kansai Queer Film
Festival, and is a declaration of our continuing commitment to valuing
the unique individuality of every person.


English program and introductions of films are in preparation.


Ticket types and prices

Adv Door
Single Ticket
(Valid for 1 screening)
¥1,200 ¥1,600
Triple Ticket
(Valid for 3 screenings)
¥3,300 ¥4,000
One Day Pass
(Valid for all screenings on one day)
¥3,300 ¥4,000
Kansai Free Pass –only 50 available
(Valid for all screenings)
¥10,000 ¥12,000

The Late session in Kyoto (Saturday Oct 22nd) consists of 7 films but is treated as one screening. This screening begins at 12:30am sharp on the morning of the 23rd but is considered part of the October 22nd schedule, therefore One Day Passes dated 22nd October can be used.

Advanced ticket sales period

  • August 1st (Monday) – September 11th (Sun) (All screenings)
    *Advanced tickets are not on sale from one week prior to, or during the film festival in Osaka.
  • September 20th (Tue) – October 16th (Sun) (Kyoto only)

Ways to purchase advanced tickets

  1. Paypal (Credit card payment)

    Please see instructions here (Japanese)

    It has finished to sell advance tickets on 17th October. We are looking forward to seeing you at Seibu-Kodo, Kyoto University, from 21st(Fri) to 23rd(Sun).

  2. e+

    Tickets can be purchased through e+ (e plus) here. Payment can be made by credit card, at convenience stores, or through internet banking. Tickets can be picked up after purchasing at your nearest 7 Eleven store (When picking up tickets a 13 digit payment code will be required).

  3. Fami-Port

    Tickets can be purchased using the Fami-Port machine at your local FamilyMart convenience store. Please search by entering “関西クィア映画祭” (in Japanese).

  4. Shops  ※Anybody can purchase regardless of gender or identity

Ticket information

  • Tickets are not being sold for individual screenings, and cannot be purchased for a specific film.
  • Please exchange Single Tickets and Triple Tickets at the ticket booth for an entry number. These are given out on a first in first served basis for screenings on that particular day and screenings on other days at the same location. Depending on the screening, seats may fill fast and your desired seat may no longer be available.
  • The Kansai Free Pass is valid for all screenings during the film festival, and the One Day Pass for all screenings during any one day of the film festival. The Triple Ticket can be exchanged for an entry number to any 3 screenings during the film festival.
  • The Kansai Free Pass and One Day Pass will have the name of the pass holder and can only be used by this person. The Triple Ticket however can be used by more than one person.
  • Door sales are available for all types of tickets are available at each location.

Seating and Entry Information

  • All seats are unreserved. Entry to the theatre is 20 minutes before the scheduled start time
  • Entry is by entry number in the following order: 1) Kansai Free Pass holders 2) One Day Pass holders 3) Advanced purchase Triple ticket and Single Ticket holders 4) Triple Ticket and Advanced ticket holders who purchased at the door.
  • Holders of a Kansai Free Pass or One Day Pass are requested to come to write their names on the pass when they first come. These passes have preferential entry to the cinema, and do not require an entry number.
  • Single Ticket and Triple Ticket holders must get an entry number from the ticket booth. Entry to the cinema is not possible without this number. Those who buy a ticket at the door will receive an entry number when they buy their ticket. If you are not present when doors open others waiting in line will be let in first.
  • Please be aware that if you are not present when the doors open there is a chance that you may be unable to get a seat, regardless of the ticket you hold.
  • If seating capacity of the cinema is exceeded you may be required to stand and watch the screening.

Information About Discounts

Various types of discounts are available for people with disabilities, low income or evacuees. Please ask the staff at the ticket booth.

※For advanced ticket sales, the discounted amount will be refunded to you in cash at the theatre. Please purchase an advanced ticket at the usual price and bring along the required documentation for the discount.

  • Disability discount

    A half price discount is available to the holder and one caregiver when a Disabled Person’s Handbook is shown.

  • Low income earners discount

    A half price discount is available when an official hikazeishomeisho (tax-exemption document) is shown.

  • Disaster victim/evacuee discount

    A half price discount is available to disaster victims/evacuees if they fill in the “Disaster Victim/Evacuee Discount Application Form”. (For those who have purchased advanced tickets please show your ticket at the ticket booth.

※Due to the Eastern Japan Earthquake and resulting nuclear reactor accident many people have become victims, forced to evacuate their homes and take refuge in other areas. According to Union of Kansai Governments, although it is not official, it is believed that around 3000 people have been evacuated to the Kansai region.

Contact us

Please email us if you hope to contact us.