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The Kansai Queer Film Festival (KQFF) is the largest queer/lgbt film festival in the west part of Japan. On July 2005, the first festival was held in HEP HALL (8th floor of the building with red ferris wheel on top, Umeda, Osaka), and about 1200 people were involved.
We show films dealing with queerness, gender and sexuality from all over the world. From major film to independent film, not only gay films but also films of lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex, we have screened. We will open the 4th festival on January 2009.



From 23 (Fri) till 27 (Tue) January 2009


3 minutes walk from Hankyu Umeda station.
5 minutes walk from JR Osaka station.


At this festival, 2 Japanese feature film (LILY FESTIVAL and TOPLESS) will be screened with English subtitles. We have also feature films of Farsi, German, Italian and French, and they will be also screened with English subtitles. Don't miss them!
[Detail of the program]


Advance tickets on sale from 1 November (Sat) until 19 January (Mon).

-Single ticket in advance: ¥1,400, on the day: ¥1,600
-Triple ticket ¥3,800 (advance sales only)
-Kansai Festival Pass (50 available) in advance: ¥10,000 , on the day: ¥12,000

Tickets are on sale through Pia, and at the shops below

Pia : http://t.pia.co.jp/ or tel. 0570-02-9999
Pia codes : 
—Single ticket : 554-618
—Triple ticket : 460-192
—Kansai Festival Pass : 460-191

Locker-Room (Osaka Doyama branch [Google map], tel. 06-6314-1122)
Conboi (Osaka Doyama branch [Google map], tel. 06-6361-3020)
Rumieru (Kyoto branch [Google map], tel. 075-341-0213)


  • By showing "Shogaisha Techo(notebook for a person with disability)" at the front desk of the festival, the ticket price for a person with disability and for a help person will be reduced to the half price on the day.
  • By showing a tax exemption certificate at the front desk of the festival, the ticket price will be reduced to the half price on the day.
  • By showing a Shogaisha Techo or a tax exemption certificate at the front desk of the festival, holder of the advanced ticket can get refunded the half price of advanced ticket.


  • Entrance will be permitted up to 20 minutes before the start of each film, and there will be no fixed allocation of seats.
  • Seating priority will be ordered as follows:
    **Kansai Festival Pass holders, then
    **Single ticket holders (advance purchase and door) will be given queue numbers for priority of entry into the theater.
  • Holders of the Single ticket (advance purchase) should obtain a queue number from the Reception on the day of attendance. People who purchase passes at the door will also be issued a queue number.
  • Holders of the Triple ticket (advance purchase) should also obtain a queue number for their indicated choice of film. The order of priority will be equivalent to that of passes purchased at the door on that day.
  • When the doors open, entrance will be based on the queue numbers allocated. If ticket holders of the queue number allocated are absent, the next number in line will be given priority for entrance into the theater.
  • Upon presentation of the Kansai Festival Pass, holders of this Pass have top seating priority at all times, for all film screenings. Kansai Festival Pass holders therefore do not have to obtain any queue numbers.
  • If you are absent when the doors open, please note that in the case of unexpectedly large demand for certain films, there is the possibility that even Kansai Festival Pass holders (or holders of any other ticket) will be unable to obtain the seat.
  • Once the seating capacity for each screening is reached, further admission into the theater will be standing-room only.


Kansai Queer Film Festival Organizing Committee
TEL 080-3820-2731
English Enquiries Mail Form or info-en[at]kansai-qff.org

No Pride In The Occupation

After the 4th Kansai Queer Film Festival, the festival committee received an email from J. The email was about the posters "No Pride In The Occupation" on the wall of Hep Hall at the festival. Here we put the email from J (with J's permission) and the reply from the film festival.

関西クィア映画祭 実行委員会 Kansai Queer Film Festival Organizing Committee