*Trans special (a selection of works with trans themes)*

Holland,2004/ Joli(e)/5min
language: English, subtitles: Japanese


*Search Suspension*
Holland,2003/ Joli(e)/6min
language: -, subtitles:-

Message from the director Joli(e):
" Male and female are ideas to play with. If you play them well, you'll find more possibilities than just those two elements. This experimental
animation dramatizes the travels of gendered shapes."


*Drive Thru*

USA,2004/Jed Rosenthal Bell/4min
language: English, subtitles: Japanese


Willie's Drive Thru-"America's First Drive Thru Surgicenter for the Female-to-Male Transsexual"-serves up surgery, hormones, and social/
sexual bafflement in this cheerfully animated, bitterly true-to-life satire of the female-to-male (FTM) transgender experience.
Your typical transgender film is a documentary, usually focusing on the male-to-female (MTF) side of the story, made by a non-trans
filmmaker, and offering a heartwarming look at the struggles and successes of people who have gone down the tranny path.
DRIVE THRU is not that film.
Filmmaker Jed Bell drags his audience through the overwhelming sex-change experience by putting the viewer in the driver's seat. And at
Willie's Drive Thru, none of the surgeries are sugar-coated-and every item on the menu is hard to swallow.



Canada,2001/Nickolaos Stagias, Michael V. Smith/5min
language: English, subtitles: Japanese

He... no, she, wearing a thick layer of makeup, waits on a street corner to solicit customers - just a job, like always.


*Thank You Kate Bornstein*
Canada,2000/Mark Kenneth Woods/4min
language: English, subtitles: Japanese

Are you a woman? Or are you a man? Perhaps such a self-identification was established through your hormones? In that case, can you decide whether to be male or female, simply by going to a pharmacy? Based on Kate Bornstein's "Gender Outlaw", this movie addresses the problematic definitions of gender.


Canada,1998/Ivan E. Coyote/8min
language: English, subtitles: Japanese

" Sometimes I want to be just like my dad when I grow up, but without the scars." - I live with my dad, who was once a lesbian. A short story about a trans family.


*100% Woman*

Canada,2004/Karen Duthie, Diana Wilson/59min
language: English, subtitles: Japanese

Promising downhill mountain bike racer Michelle transitioned from male to female six years ago. With the support of her family she continues to race, participating in Canadian state and national championships. However, there are consistent protests from other racers who object to a trans woman competing alongside them. Following Michelle's story, this documentary raises important issues surrounding trans women in sport, asking what it means to be 100% woman.


*Some of the stories: a documentary about trans youth*
Canada,2001/Jacob Simpson/34min
language: English, subtitles: Japanese


What does it mean to be trans? We hear answers from young trans native Canadians, telling in their own words what it is to be trans, to have a sexuality and a body and the sometimes contradictory nature of these multiple identities. Other themes include the meaning and possibilities of community, dis/ability and colonization. There are no easy answers.



Sweden,2004/Lasse Persson/7min
language: English, subtitles: Japanese

He sneaks the bikini from the draw while his mother sleeps, snoring like a lion. The next day he goes to the beach and puts it on...
Boosted by a pop soundtrack, this is a cute and positive animation about the start of one youth's summer.