Let’s create a film festival together

We’re currently looking for volunteers. Translation, subtitles, designers, etc., if you have something you want to offer, shoot us a message! If you’re interested in joining the team, it is required to attend 1 to 2 meetings. It is also possible to contribute from home. There are many ways to participate.

Now Accepting Film Submissions

As of September 30th 2015, submission from abroad for 10th Kansai Queer Film Festival 2016 has been closed. Thank you for your submission!

Show your support for KQFF

Despite the scale of our festival, we lack backers and financial support. We appreciate any support.

Please write the katakana (Japanese characters) as is. If you cannot write them, please ask for assistance at the bank when filling out forms.

  • (1) Transferring funds from Yuucho Bank

    記号(kigou) Bank Code
    番号(Bangou) Account Number
    名義(meigi) Account Holder
    カンサイクィアエイガサイ(kansaikuiaeigasai)Kansai Queer Eigasai
  • (2) Transferring Money from other places

    Bank Name
    四三八 (ヨンサンハチ) The characters before the parenthesis is the bank name and the characters within the parenthesis is the furigana, in romaji it is read as yonsanhachi
    Bank Number
    Transfer Description
    Regular Deposit
    Account Number
    Account Holder
    Kansaikuiaeigasai (See option 1)

Have your own screening!

Do you want to screen any films shown at our previous festivals at your event, school, etc.? If you are interested, please let us know for possible screenings and Japanese subtitles.