About the Tickets

Tickets and prices

tickets adv door
Single ticket
valid for ONE program
1400 yen 1600 yen
Triple ticket
valid for THREE programs
3500yen 4000 yen
Osaka Pass
valid for ALL programs in Osaka
6000 yen 8000 yen
Kyoto Pass
valid for ALL programs in Kyoto
6000 yen 8000 yen
Kansai Pass (limited to 50 tickets)
alid for ALL programs
10000 yen 12000 yen

Advance tickets will be on sale from July 15th to August 29th 2010.



  • PayPalによるお申し込みから5日以内に、映画祭実行委員会から「チケット交換ID」の記載されたメールをお送りします。映画祭にご来場の際に各会場受付で、ご購入者された際にご登録の「ニックネーム」と、このメールに記載の「チケット交換ID」を必ずご呈示ください。係が照会し、前売り券のチケットをお渡しいたします。
  • 「ニックネーム」と「チケット交換ID」は、映画祭実行委員会からのメールをプリントアウトされるか、当日お持ちの携帯電話などに転送して受付でご呈示していただくことをおすすめいたします。
  • 複数枚のチケットを一括してご購入された場合は、受付で前売り券をお渡しする際にも、全枚数を一度にお渡しします。分割しての受け取りはできません。
  • ご観覧予定の映画の前にチケット交換される際には、お時間に余裕を持ってお越し下さい。
  • PayPalの利用方法についてはこちらをご覧ください。
Your name



tel: 0570-02-9999

P code:

  • ansai Pass/Single Pass/Triple Pass : 462-021
  • Osaka Pass: 462-022
  • Kyoto Pass: 462-023

(A handling fee for all the transactions made at convenience stores will be applied)


Ticket procedure has changed from 2009.

  • There will be no advance tickets sold for individual films, and you cannot select a specific film for an advance ticket.
  • Single/Triple tickets must be exchanged with film ticket (with entrance number) at the front desk. Film tickets are on a first come, first serve basis, and may be exchanged for any of the title shown during the each site(Osaka/Kyoto). Seats are limited for each film.
  • Kansai Pass gets you into all titles for this year’s KQFF. Osaka/Kyoto Pass is good for all titles on each site.
  • All passes must be used by same person, except for the Triple Pass (this may be used by 3 people).
  • All tickets will be sold at the door.
  • Tickets will be 50% off with the presentation of a Disabilities Handbook, not only for yourself but your assistant too. The same applies with the presentation of a Tax-Exempt Certificate. (If you have purchased tickets in advance, please let us know at the door and we will refund the money).


  • All seats are non-reserved. Doors will be open 20 minutes before the film starts.
  • The entry will be in the order below.
    1. Kansai Pass
    2. Osaka/Kyoto Pass
    3. Advance tickets
    4. Door tickets
    (3 and 4 will be called in order of the entrance number given at the front desk)
  • Kansai Pass, Osaka/Kyoto Pass requires you to write your name on the ticket. No need to receive a entrance number at the front desk, as the pass holders will have priority seating.
  • All Single/Triple Pass holders MUST receive a entrance number at the front desk. No number, No entry.
  • Even with the Kansai/Osaka/Kyoto Passes or with a entrance number, if you aren’t present when the door opens, we cannot assure your seat.
  • If the seats are full, there will be standing options.
  • We are sorry, but there will not be childcare offered.
  • Eating is prohibited in HEP HALL (Osaka)
  • There will be chairs in Seibu Kodo (Kyoto), but you are welcome to bring your own chair, pillows and/or blankets. Seibu Kodo is quite dusty, so brand-new blankets aren’t the best option. However eating is welcome in Seibu Kodo.
  • Hep Hall is a barrier-free facility. But you must take a gravel path to get to Seibu Kodo (Kyoto) so please contact us in advance if any assistance is needed.
  • If you have any concerns about participating at KQFF, please contact us and we can work something out.


  • 販売者:関西クイア映画祭2010 実行委員会
  • 責任者:黒田素子
  • 所在地:個人宅につきメールでお知らせします
  • 連絡先:ticket-paypal@kansai-qff.org 080-3820-2731
  • お支払い方法:PayPal決済
  • 払込手数料:0円
  • お申し込み方法:PayPalでのお支払い実行にてお申し込みとする
  • 納品:お申し込み後5日以内にメールにて「チケット交換ID」を発行
  • 返品:お客様の都合による返品は不可