Korean Mix*

*The Girl I love*
Korea,2005/Mogi (M_fenergy)/4min
languages: Korean subtitles: Japanese


Everyone has their quirks, but doesn't she go a bit far sometimes? But, you know, I love my girlfriend all the same!

*I'm Not Strong*
Korea,2005/Mogi (Myeongjin, Deultong, Ed )/9min
languages: Korean subtitles: Japanese

Many women have problems with PMS (premenstrual syndrome). PMS also turns out to be the reason why these two women are having a fight. This is a love comedy interspersed with interviews.

* Ding-dong!*
Korea,2005/zzikki, Sappho, chichi/9min
languages: Korean subtitles: Japanese
Do you think that maybe, she might be 'iban' (queer)? The protagonist falls for her new colleague straight away. But in fact, the girl knows something about her already...
" Iban" is a humorous Korean term for the queer community.

*Wander the girls*
languages: Korean, subtitles: Japanese

Have we met previously met? This film interviews Korean lesbian women, who dare to speak up and let their voices be heard.

*Me and Doll-playing*
Korea,2004/Kyong-mook Kim/19min
languages: Korean, subtitles: Japanese,English

I used to like Barbie a lot. I dropped out of school. I had sex with men. I was attracted to women. Who am I? The hospital couldn't help me, so I have made a film of my own story.
A message from the director: "This film is my meditation on binary gender and sexuality based my childhood and experiences with people I have met."

*A Crimson Mark*
Korea,2004/PARK Hyun-jin/13min
languages: Korean, subtitles: Japanese,English

The story of love between two members of rival elite groups in the Korean Yi Dynasty.

*Why Not Community*
Korea,2004/PARK Yong-jae/8min
languages: English , subtitles: Japanese,English

That hat does not suit you! A cowboy runs away from his tuxedo-clad pursuers.

*Uncle 'bar' at Barber shop*
Korea,2000/Kwon Jong-kwan/22min
languages: Korean , subtitles: Japanese

In a suburb of Seoul in the 1980s, uncle 'bar' owns a small barbershop. He cuts people's hair, and keeps his secrets to himself.

*Tampon Manual*
languages: Korean , subtitles: Japanese

An instructional video teaches you how to use a tampon. The style is cute and poppy, but the content is radical! If only we could get one of these for real!