USA,2005/Lisset Barcellos/86min
languages: English, Spanish, subtitles: Japanese


Rebecca is a bisexual woman who lives in San Francisco, where she works as a stuntwoman. Although she has many good friends, a male lover and a female lover, she is still haunted by a sense of dissatisfaction.
One day, she receives a photo album from Peru, which contains pictures of her parents and her late younger brother. However, Rebecca cannot be found in any of the pictures. Then she uncovers a deception created by her parents and doctors, a deception which has been in place since she was a child.
In roughly out of every 2000 births, the child is born with physical characteristics that make it difficult to assign them as male or female: these people are known as "intersex". It is a known fact that without informed consent, doctors often perform "corrective" surgery and administer hormones.
" Both" is a film based on the personal experiences of its director and other people who are intersex. It bravely tackles the unspoken stigma of intersex people who face difficulty in relating their experiences.